Step 1. Kinky Haven Virtual

Create your Kinky Haven Virtual Avatar

Create your Kinky Haven Virtual avatar and enjoy an adult world made up of real people.

  • No membership required to access all of Kinky Haven Virtual’s features,
  • Fully customise every detail of your avatar from your shape to your clothes.
  • Meet real members or use the furniture’s NPC’s (non playable characters).
  • Real events and professions – Become a DJ, Store owner, Escort or Landlord, Club manager or dance the night away at parties or other social events and much more!
  • LGBT, Nudists, non sexual members, everyone is welcome at Kinky Haven.

Step 2. Kinky Haven Website

Create your Kinky Haven Website account

Create your Kinky Haven Website account here to gain access to the following:

  • Manage your Kinky Haven Virtual account, including partners, regions and events.
  • Purchase and manage your region subscriptions
  • Submit support tickets
  • Socialise with other members
  • Read erotica from our kinky library
  • Play Games and more!