Meet our Staff

Freya Blackthorn (CEO)

Since 2015 Freya has been a long time grid owner and operator for several opensim grids. She brings experience and an unparalleled dedication and drive to meet customers needs. Freya is responsible for server upkeep.

Wendie Blackthorn (COO)

Wendie brings several skills to the team such as in-world creation including base terraforming. Since 2007 in virtual, her catty nature and attention to detail make her a delight to work with on many projects. Wendie is responsible for the backend development, website maintenence and customer support.

Kayaker Magic (CIO)

Kayaker is the muscle behind our development, he works closely with Wendie on server deployment. Together Kayaker and Wendie strive to bring the grid software to it's utmost potential. Keeping the servers safe and secure for all opensim creators and their products.

Lizzy Borden (CMO)

Lizzy has been a long time region owner and region delevopment expert for many years in Opensim. She has a profound attention to detail and an intense skillset that makes her an indispensable asset. When you see something beautiful in world, you can bet Lizzy had something to do with it. Lizzy is responsible for our public relations and media presence.

The Silent Partner (CFO)

We are backed by an annonymous benefactor that does not wish to be known.

and we thank them greatly for their generosity.