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ONLINE ONLINE 049 21 35 481

Powerful Servers

We use dedicated hardware for superior performance and stability. hosted by a professional hosting company with exceptional bandwidth.

Friendly Staff

Our professional staff is available to help you at most hours of the day. We are however always looking for additional help, inquire within if you desire a mentor position or can offer technical support.

Adult Content

NO CHILDREN PERMITTED EVER!! we are an adult community. All regions of the grid are adult rated and therefore are unsuitable for children.

First in Deep Water

Kinky Haven was the first opensim grid to expand ocean depth to 100 meters grid-wide for some amazing underwater adventures.

Features of note inside Kinky Haven

Deep sea exploration

Deep and wildly decorated ocean depths, ripe for submarine or scuba diving.

Unparalleled Beauty

Skillfully crafted landscapes where no details were forgotten.

Meaningful Friendships

Friendships that go beyond the list of people you know.

Vast reaches

Large regions with countless activities to suit most any tastes.

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