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Why choose Kinky Haven?


Our world class datacenter has superior DDOS pretection. and our developers keep our servers updated with the latest security features.


Region backups twice daily, iventories backed up weekly to our onsite and offsite storage.  to protect your creations.


First class service is what you get. Our passion is serving a quality virtual environment to you. And continual innovations to improve your experience in world.


While hypergrid capable, we also offer the option to block forgien visitors from your regions. keeping your home and creations secure.

Features inside Kinky Haven

What our residents say

Some of our residents want you to know a few things.

"Amazing! No down time, reliable backup and restore features. Support is quick, helpful, newcomer friendly and super easy to get started."

Cody Horne

"Kinky Haven is a unique experience, full of love and compassion. I live here with my Domina and am able to be a proper slave for her."

XiaLin Ming

"The owners actually care about my satisfaction. I'm not just another resident here, it's like I'm family."

Steph Blackthorn