Welcome to Kinky Haven

Kinky Haven is a free virtual world for adults, unlike other adult virtual worlds all of Kinky Haven’s features are unlocked and we do not charge a monthly membership just to access adult content.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and non-judgmental environment for the Kinky Haven community TO BE CONTINUED

Earn real money with Gloebits

You can own a free Kinky Haven store and create and sell items that you have made for Gloebit’s (Kinky Haven’s virtual currency), which you can then either use to purchase other user’s content, rent land from other user’s or cash out to PayPal.

You can also earn Gloebit’s from other user’s in various ways, Become a virtual DJ, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Dancer, Escort, or through Real Estate.


100% Safe Download

Daily Backups

Multiple Camera Angles

Text and Voice Chat

Avatar Customization

Create a unique avatar to represent you, You can customize every detail of the avatar including body style, hair, clothes, piercings, and even which tattoos are being worn. In the image below we have edited an avatar using only 2 out of the possible 70+ appearance features. Use the slider below to see the before and after photos.

Backups & Region Restores

Kinky Haven is backed up twice per day to protect your content and if you rent a region (Land) from Kinky Haven you can even restore a backup of your region by using the Kinky Haven Resident Panel, this is perfect for if you accidentally make a mistake on your region.

Check out the Kinky Haven Knowledge Base section of our website to learn how to save and restore just your region’s terrain.


Design and Build

Decorate your home, create clothes, sex toys, vehicles, or even build a city! your imagination is the only limitation using our editor, content creation tools, and scripts. Let your creative side out and build anything that you can dream of.

If you own a region from Kinky Haven you can even edit the land, sea, and sky.